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Photo credits


Reference: 00005880
Peri-urban horticulture around Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso . A. Rival © CIRAD.



Pasteur Institute

Reference: 33800
Title: Research Laboratory - Pasteur Institute of Tunis, Tunis Pasteur Institute ©

Reference: 13316
Title: Transfer between T lymphocytes virusVIH
Legend: A Jurkat T cell infected with HIV virus at transmits Jurkat target cell via a filopodium . The objective is to study the transfer of HIV cell cells.
© Institut Pasteur / Dominika Rudnicka

Référence: 30996

Title: Researcher from Biological and Genetical bactarian sidewall unit of Pasteur Institute.
Crédit : Institut Pasteur/Valérie Zeitoun




Reference: 48005
Title: Laboratory research on Malaria
Legend: Process ELISA
Source: Fievet , Nadine

Reference: 45357
Title: Aerial view of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Source: Simonneaux Vincent

Reference: 46632
Title: Recovery of weather and ocean buoy
Source: Grelet , Jacques

Reference: 47237
Title : Collection of larvae of Anopheles gambiae in the rainforest in Cameroon
Source: Costantini, Carlo

Reference: 52074
Title: Boat Pass, and the islands of Baaba and Yenghébane
Source : Gay, Jean- Christophe

Reference: 50719
Title: Female Aedes albopictus
Source: Jacquet, Maxime

Reference : 33500
Titre : Cybercafé au Maroc
Source : Daina Rechner


Jean Fondacci

Photos frames home and following areas:

Health Cosmetics, Agronomy, Infomation and Communication Technologies (ICT), Social Sciences

© Jean Fondacci


Yves Bordet

Photo News India
© Yves Bordet