Researchers, Inventors

Promote and provide your innovations in the Global South


Our team assists you in the development of your invention and supports the transfer by providing a tailor-made service:

  • Financial support for maturation : the result of your research requires validation, proof of concept, and prototype development; we can help fund your project (see the "call for projects" section).
  • Finding partners for proof of concept validation : you are in search of a partner to validate your results on a pilot or industrial scale; we put you in contact with industrial players in the Global South.
  • Technical, legal, regulatory and marketing advice: it is vital to understand the market and the environment to turn your invention into a product or service; we direct your innovation to economies in the Global South.
  • Promotion and search for licensees: we promote your technology to the relevant audiences and target potential licensees thanks to our expertise in developing country markets.
  • Transfer agreement negotiation: we negotiate service, cooperation or licensing agreements with the partners identified for you.